ProjectQuote icon ProjectQuote

Project pricing application for the engineering industry


ProjectQuote improves the pricing process. ProjectQuote is faster, more accurate and easier to review/modify than traditional methods of pricing.


Easy to Use

Easy to use, including auto enter feature (based on previous selections) to increase data entry speed.

Material Rates

Material rates can be imported from supplier prices lists or entered directly.

Update Rates

Materials used can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Rates updated by supplier, then re-imported to update price.


Create assemblies (for items like walkways, pipe supports or structural elements) to significantly reduce pricing time.

Project Properties

Ability to link to project properties (eg. Mass, Surface Area, Labour Hours) for selected sections of project, to calculate galvanizing, painting, consumables etc.

Price Structure

Price can be structured to suit pricing method, then grouped in alternate way to produce subtotals as required for tender schedule.

Project List

Displays all projects priced, and current status.


Microsoft Excel

All reports are in Microsoft Excel, to allow formatting as required.


Reports of material and labour quatities and cost.

Project Totals

Project totals, including metrics such as price/tonne and hours/tonne.

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