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Scrabble Tournament Scoring Software

Scrabble Board

Easy to use application for setting up and scoring scrabble tournaments.


Member List

Members (and ratings) updated from scrabble association lists*, or imported from Microsoft Excel.
*New scrabble associations added as required.


Add Players for Tournament by selecting in Member list.

Tournament Draw

Creates round robin draws*, assigning games, starts and tables. Application can be used for other draw types by creating own draw.
*Additional draw types to be added. Please enquire.

Draw Display

Draw can be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional formatting (if required) prior to printing.


Scores are quick to enter, and include Bonus Words and Spread check.


Tournament Results

Multiple reports, including reports for displaying throughout the tournament and a handout for Tournament conclusion.


Reports for sending to scrabble association for updating ratings.

Please contact Murray Landon (info@landonsoftware.nz) for additional information.